Sensor wells and thermowells - expertise in brass and stainless steel

Use in building services and plant engineering

Owner-operated, German-based Ziegler has been demonstrating its know-how and applications experience for suppliers worldwide for more than 35 years using an environmentally aware approach. Currently at over 1.7 million wells a year, production provides clients with quality advantages thanks to 100% inspection and financial benefits due to its price/performance ratio.

We mass-produce and also manufacture client-specific short runs.

  • Outside temperature sensors

    Examples of use

    Outside temperature sensors

    The stainless steel sensor well encloses sensitive temperature sensors, which reliably measure the temperature in outdoor areas. The sensor transmits the current temperature to the central control system.

    Our clients use Ziegler sensor wells to protect outside temperature sensors.

    For consistent readings in all weathers.

  • Fühler für Luftkanäle

    Examples of use

    Fühler für Luftkanäle

    Duct air sensors measure the temperature in the ambient air in air ducts. Manufacturers use Ziegler stainless steel wells to protect their quality sensors.

    Long-term, reliable readings.

    Permanent measurement for perfect indoor temperatures. 

  • Heating system and immersion temperature sensors

    Examples of use

    Heating system and immersion temperature sensors

    Insert thermal elements measure gaseous and fluid media up to 600 °Celsius. With a Ziegler stainless steel well, they resist pressure up to 60 bar and remain airtight at all times. 

    The sensors are optimally protected against chemical and physical damage.

    Reliable measurement for comforting warmth.

  • Cable temperature sensors

    Examples of use

    Cable temperature sensors

    Cable temperature sensors are mainly used in heating technology for components such as boilers and buffer tanks. They record temperatures with a sensor mounted inside a protective well. Such sensors include Platinum Sensors Pt100, Pt500 and Pt1000.

    Cable temperature sensor designs

    Cable temperature sensors are manufactured in different well lengths and feature different conductive materials, line lengths and protection ratings.

  • Fermentation monitoring

    Examples of use

    Fermentation monitoring

    This sensor can provide an exact temperature reading in a fermenting medium.  The system automatically adjusts the temperature within certain limits, thus achieving the required fermentation profile. This ensures that fermentation takes place at the optimum process temperature.

    The sensor is contained in a stainless steel protective well, which is obviously suitable for use with foodstuffs.

    Accurate readings for perfect wine enjoyment.

  • Screw-in sensors

    Examples of use

    Screw-in sensors

    Screw-in sensors are used to measure temperatures in fluid or gaseous media, particularly in difficult-to-access locations. 

    A favourite in shipbuilding. engine manufacturing and process and plant engineering, these sensors are used in Ziegler protective wells.

    Reliable engines on both land and water.

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