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Sensor wells

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Screw-in thread
Thread seal
Sensor well tube
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turned part
Across flat width
When it comes to screw-in threads, we make a distinction between taper threads (EN 10226) and pipe threads (DIN ISO 228):
  • A screw-in taper thread tightens on the thread flanks. The threaded hole into which the thermowell is screwed generally features a cylindrical shape. This type of connection is normally used up to a nominal pressure of 16 bar.
  • A screw-in pipe thread is fastened with a flat seal/sealing washer. The threaded hole into which the thermowell is screwed features a cylindrical shape. This type of connection requires adequate surrounding sealing surface to ensure that sufficient contact pressure can be applied. These connections are suitable for greater nominal pressures up to at least 40 bar.
Thread seal
Thermowell tube
Anzahl der Fühlerrohre
Outside diameter (OD x W)
Immersion depth
Sensor mount
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turned part

Surface finish

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